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Newsletter from Project Galaxy ☰ - March 30th, 2022

Galxe Team
Galxe Team
Project Galaxy is enjoying an eventful year and aims to start Q2 with even more partnerships and continuous expansion of our growing credential ecosystem. In addition to events and partnerships previously announced, here’s a summary of some of our most relevant recent activities.

Project Galaxy Space Expedition Campaign
Project Galaxy is happy to announce the Space Expedition Campaign, where our community members can create their own spaceships by collecting “Star Map,” “Eternal Compass,” and “Starship” NFTs. Participants who collect all three NFTs can use them to forge their own ‘Pisces’ NFTs and share a pool of 200,000 GAL tokens. Get all the information here.
Launching Our New Help Center
To constantly boost support for our Astronauts, we have launched a new and improved Help Center. The Help Center comprises several categories, all focused on improving your experience on the Project Galaxy platform. These categories include Dashboard Tutorials, Galaxy Programs, Wallet/Contract support, and many more.
Project Galaxy Support Center
In addition to our Help Center, Project Galaxy has launched an updated version of the Support Center for improved user experience and better service. Members can now easily give feedback, inquire about new events or projects, report bugs, etc.
Project Galaxy Trending in All Categories on Open Sea
We are, without a doubt, rapidly expanding and making a massive impact in the NFT space. As of March 20th, 2022, Project Galaxy was trending in all categories on Open Sea, the largest NFT marketplace by users and total trading volume. This is just the beginning and is an indicator of what’s to come as we continue to develop.
GAL Token Airdrop
To show appreciation to our community members and early adopters who have stood by us since May 2021, details of the long-awaited GAL Token airdrop have arrived. The airdrop distribution will run according to each community member’s NFT holdings. In addition, early Meta Cowboy NFT holders will also receive a reward boost.
Project Galaxy Verified Spaces
Project Galaxy has introduced a Verified Space program. Eligible partners can submit details of their spaces to receive verified checkmarks. The checkmark confirms that the project’s official team or a specific individual truly owns the space, effectively improving security. Interested partners must have a minimum of 1000 unique users to apply.
Sponsored Revelation Hackathon from Binance
Project Galaxy is proud to be a gold sponsor of the Binance Revelation Hackathon event, which will provide grants and prizes worth over $10M to rising stars in the BNB Chain ecosystem. Co-hosted by BNB Chain and DoraHacks, the event takes place from March 21st to May 10th, 2022.
Perpetual Protocol and Project Galaxy
Perpetual is rewarding $PERP to traders on the Perpetual Protocol. Each trader that hits a minimum trading volume of $5,000 will receive an OAT badge from Project Galaxy.
Overeality Ticket Airdrop on Project Galaxy
Overeality Labs has launched its Overeality Ticket Airdrop event, which started on March 21st and will run until April 1st, 2022. Tickets will have bronze, silver, and gold rarities, with each category sporting inherent utilities, such as Overeality points and access to a VIP chatroom on Discord.
Mintverse Spring Carnival and Project Galaxy's OAT
Mintverse held its NFT Spring Carnival with BNB Chain, and several tokens and NFTs worth more than $100,000 were up for grabs. In addition to these rewards, each participant stood a chance to earn limited edition Project Galaxy OAT badges.
PoolTogether's Pool Party
PoolTogether is launching an eight-week Pool Party event between March 21st - May 17th, 2022. Poolers can accomplish tasks and claim from a limited collection of 8 beautiful custom NFTs.
Maverick Protocol's First NFT Campaign on Project Galaxy
Project Galaxy is excited to host the first NFT campaign for Maverick Protocol’s MAVA NFT. Interested participants are required to complete a series of 7 tasks before they are eligible to claim MAVA NFTs on the Polygon Network. MAVA is an open-edition NFT that shows that the receiver is part of the first generation of Maverick community members.
Stay tuned for another bi-weekly roundup mid-april!
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Galxe Team
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