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Newsletter from Project Galaxy ☰ - Jan 31st, 2022

Galxe Team
Galxe Team
Still within the spirit of the new year, and with the Chinese new year approaching, Project Galaxy hit the ground running by finalizing more partnerships and introducing more value-adding features to our community. From a recap of our recent 2021 Christmas campaign to an exhilarating funding round, here are a few of our January highlights.

Get a Woo Network Hoodie
On January 10, the Woo Network took a snapshot of holding addresses for a chance to win a WOO Anniversary NFT. Through Project Galaxy, these address owners can now apply for the shipment of a physical hoodie from now until February 1, 2022.
Project Galaxy EoY Campaign Recap
We organized a Christmas end-of-year campaign rave in collaboration with several partners to show appreciation to members of our blossoming community. The result was a growth in our partners’ active users and engaging members, with more than 7,200 community members claiming NFTs. Here’s a full recap of the campaign.
On-Chain ID Connect
Members of our community can now connect with each other using their Galaxy IDs. Project Galaxy is offering users the new connect option through a brand new follow feature integrated with the CyberConnect Protocol.
New NFT for the HashGang
The animated Hashbot NFT series’ third installment is now here. Eligible claimants are LPs who battle-tested public pools and contributed a minimum of $50K in capital. The good news is that if you have a category 1 NFT, you can still join as an early LP and stand a chance to earn future rewards!
TrustFi and Project Galaxy
DeFi market BaaS solutions firm TrustFi has announced a partnership with ProjectGalaxy. The collaboration between both platforms will bring several features to our communities, including the TrustFi Space launch, an initial NFT offering (INO), and several benefits on TrustFi products.
Project Galaxy’s 2nd Community Call
We hosted our second community call live on Discord on the 18th of January. People who submitted valid questions to the provided Google form can now claim their OAT badges.
ZenTea DAO and Project Galaxy Gleam NFT
ZenTea DAO had its Genesis Launch kicked off via a Gleam campaign. All users who participated in the competition and are eligible can claim NFTs in ZenTea spaces via Project Galaxy.
Take a Deep Dive Into Project Galaxy
Since our launch in May 2021, Project Galaxy has crossed several major milestones, including 150,000 unique on-chain users across six blockchain ecosystems, and more than 500 digital credential sets for over 3 million Web3 users. To celebrate our partners and supporters, we are recapping everything for our wonderful community with a deep dive into Project Galaxy’s mission, past highlights, and future plans - an examination that will be crucial to understand what we’ve done well and how we can continue to improve.
Family Party with Project Galaxy
The Family Party, a comprehensive GameFi, metaverse, and NFT platform, is collaborating with Project Galaxy to mint Family Party Community Badge NFTs. Eligible participants of the platform’s Gleam campaign task can now claim NFTs through Project Galaxy.
More Than 100k Followers
On January 21, we held an event to issue an OAT badge in celebration of our one hundred thousandth follower. This commemorative event was open to all interested participants and lasted 12 hours from 2:00 am UTC.
The Polygon LAND Grant Program
Project Galaxy inked a very substantial new partnership with NFT metaverse platform Dvision Network as part of its “Polygon LAND Grant Program.” In collaboration with Polygon Studios, Dvision is looking to its top partners to create room for Web3 developers working on several products, including NFTs and other products.
CyberConnect, Solana, and Project Galaxy
CyberConnect is letting people try the first social graph on Solana for early access to features used to build Web3 social connections. Through Project Galaxy, CyberConnect is also giving away Verified Web3 Dwellers NFTs to participants.
The PaybSapiens NFT Airdrop
Cross-chain AMM yield farming application and NFT marketplace, PaybSwap, is gearing up for an NFT airdrop through Project Galaxy. To receive a “The PaybSapiens” NFT, each participant must complete DEX swaps, hold $PAYB, and mint an NFT.
Project Galaxy in the Ziggyverse
We’re pressing on with our Moonpot collaboration to expand the Binance Smart Chain’s win-win savings game. Through Project Galaxy, more people will collect and create mysterious tiles and use them to mint farming and battle creatures in the Ziggyverse.
Lucky Lion Prize Pool and Free NFT
Lucky Lion gamers joined a 28th January campaign for a chance to win 100,000 LUCKY and claim a free NFT. On January 31, eligible players will receive NFTs through Project Galaxy.
Project Galaxy Concludes $10 Million Funding Round
We are very thrilled to announce that project Galaxy recently secured $10 million in a financing round led by industry-leading VCs like Multicoin Capital and Dragonfly Capital. Project Galaxy will use and channel this new funding to grow our credential data network and build application modules for projects to properly and effectively utilize digital credential data.
Mintverse Campaigns on Project Galaxy
NFT aggregator and marketplace Mintverse has partnered with Project Galaxy to launch new and evolved social campaigns with their end-users in mind. This partnership will allow Mintverse to explore multiple campaign creation options, allowing for more dynamic marketing strategies targeted at the Web3 market.
Project Galaxy Enables Realy NFT Launch
In collaboration with Realy, Project Galaxy is enabling the launch of 900 CUBEING NFTs. These NFTs were created by former Daft Punk creative director, Cedric Hervet, to facilitate the creation of a community around the Realy metaverse through free-to-mint NFTs.
Project Galaxy x Soul Reborn
Through our robust set of features, Soul Reborn, a play-to-earn MMORPG, is releasing a mystery box campaign for all of its users. This airdrop can be completed by finishing all of the tasks presented in their gleam campaign, encouraging participation of their growing user base.
EthSign Launches Memorial NFTs With Project Galaxy
EthSign has created a new campaign to offer a memorial NFT to its users. By signing a transaction via their browser wallet on the Polygon blockchain, users will qualify to earn this NFT. All you have to do is post your wallet address below the tweet - EthSign will even cover the gas fees.
Project Galaxy Releases ‘DeFi 101’ Course With CoinGecko
As a follow-up to the beginner DeFi course launched in collaboration with Project Galaxy and CoinGecko, we have created five more courses in order to better help the masses understand the power of DeFi, aptly named ‘DeFi 101’. We look forward to operating with industry leaders like CoinGecko to bring relevant information to all those who seek it out, and will continue to work with them to build a robust educational ecosystem.
Project Galaxy and Perpetual Protocol Offer Trading Competition NFTs
By teaming up with Project Galaxy, Perpetual Protocol is able to offer NFTs to users who have specific credentials and have reached milestone metrics on their platform. By joining their trading competition and generating more than $10,000 in trading volume, users will have the opportunity to claim a limited edition Clash of L1s NFT. These NFTs will be claimable on February 14th.
Project Galaxy and Duet Announce Collaboration
For our final highlight, we’re happy to announce our recent partnership with Duet Protocol. This partnership kicks off with the collaborative building of the Duet Space on Galaxy, with much more planned down the line.
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Galxe Team
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