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Newsletter from Project Galaxy ∅ - Jan 2, 2022

Galxe Team
Galxe Team
Project Galaxy has had a fantastic year and is ending it on a bright and encouraging note. In addition to new offerings and major partnerships confirmed in previous months, here are a few of the most notable from December, the last we will see in 2021 as we enter into 2022.

Project Galaxy at the IOSG Metaverse Carnival
Our co-founder and Project Lead Harry Zhang represented Project Galaxy at the recent IOSG Ventures Metaverse Carnival 2021 on December 19. The panel discussed how identities are vital to the implementation and adoption of Web3.
NFTs with Bright Union
Project Galaxy is hosting Bright Union’s limited status Crystal NFTs. Our community can find out more information about the NFTs, which are only available to “Bright Ones” who stake their $BRIGHT tokens.
Stay Connected with CyberConnect
CyberConnect has launched exclusive Verified Web 3 Dwellers NFTs on Galaxy. The first social graph protocol with democratized social connections, CyberConnect is using Project Galaxy’s credential-based infrastructure to crown people with NFTs. The #LetsCyberConnect campaign requires people to complete a Twitter verification on CyberConnect and then claim NFTs by connecting wallets to the Polygon Network.
The New Galaxy Dashboard
Project Galaxy has introduced the Galaxy Dashboard for developers to enjoy plug-and-play modules on a web editor. Beta access is now available to developers who want to create events with Galaxy OAT, contribute credentials to the Data Network, build community loyalty campaigns, or build NFT campaigns.
Defiant Rewards
The decentralized finance (DeFi) news platform launched an NFT reward program on Project Galaxy as a nod to its many loyal followers. The Defiant Community Rewards Program is a Web2 and Web3 hybrid described as a “love letter” to the entire community, including website visitors, podcast listeners, Youtube viewers, Discord contributors, and Twitter followers.
Project Galaxy Docs
Wrapping up 2021 is Project Galaxy’s Docs page, featuring multiple articles grouped into specific categories. The Project Galaxy community can dive into information about the platform and its infrastructure, learn how to get started on the app through several tutorials, obtain specific information about API & Integration, and also learn requirements to join our mission through several different career opportunities.
A New Face
Project Galaxy is now sporting a new logo and media kit, with our Twitter image and website logos already updated. The new feel gives our community a sneak peek at how fresh and exciting our plans are for 2022.
Ending the Year in Style
Project Galaxy has launched a series of events as part of our End-of-the-Year Rave for the festive season. Users are eligible for several NFTs by partaking in 12 different Treasure Hunt events, starting by trading on the Perpetual Protocol. Interested participants can claim the Perpetual Christmas NFT, deposit on Alpaca Finance for the Alpaca Christmas NFT, and complete 9 other tasks. The winner of the Treasure Hunt is the NFT Holder who has collected all NFTs by January 4, granting eligibility for the Special Galaxy Girl and Reindeer NFT. Participants should hurry to the Treasure Hunt as the eventual holder will receive future Project Galaxy benefits.
Cross-Chain with Clover
We have partnered with Clover Finance to provide cross-chain compatibility on Project Galaxy. The team will begin integrating the Clover Multichain Wallet for increased security of NFTs on Galaxy and general improvement of the Defi and NFT ecosystem.
Holiday Giveaway!
Beefy Finance and Moonpot are teaming up on Project Galaxy for the holiday season. The grand holiday giveaway leading into the new year will hand out awesome prizes, including great merchandise, several NFTs, and up to $50,000!
Project Galaxy Present: Galaxy OAT (On-chain Achievement Token)
Project Galaxy has officially launched their next fundamental feature: Galaxy OAT, or you can call it GOAT, co-launched with Polygon Studios powered by Polygon and NFT.Storage powered by IPFS and Filecoin.
Galaxy OAT aims to be a light-weight solution for event organizers and community managers to utilize Project Galaxy’s NFT infrastructure and on-chain credential data network to build and distribute NFT badge campaigns easily and reward their community members.
Galaxy OAT will not only be limited to loyalty programs for NFT, DeFi, Metaverse projects but also for real-world events and life experiences as well.
Alpha Finance’s Christmas Prize 
Still in the spirit of holiday giving, Alpha Finance Labs has Christmas gifts to share. Running on Twitter, the AlphaXMAS campaign has an NFT collection, Ledger Nano S wallet, and a special envelope for 11 winners with the most insightful and constructive quote retweets.
Salad Optimizing Play-to-earn with Galaxy
Blockchain thinktank Salad Ventures has joined our ecosystem to take advantage of the Galaxy ID feature for minting and accessing badges on the platform. Salad is organizing and optimizing the play-to-earn space and taking the player tracking and identity management to a whole new level.
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Galxe Team
Galxe Team @GalxeHQ

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