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Galxe Team
Galxe Team
Welcome back to another exciting issue of Project Galaxy’s Bi-Weekly Newsletter. We were just granted The Binance Launchpool Project of the Year Award in Paris and our co-founder, Charle Wayn, accepted it on the company’s behalf. All this and more in this week’s edition!

The Binance Launchpool Project of the Year
On July 14th, Binance hosted an award ceremony in Paris as part of their 5th-year anniversary celebration. During the celebration, they rewarded four blockchain projects with the Binance 5YA Innovation Award. We couldn’t be happier to have been selected for this prestigious honor.
Binance has been a great partner this past year and we are excited to keep collaborating with them in the future.
New Product Updates
On July 8th, Project Galaxy debuted a new update to our dashboard called the “Available To Claim” Feature. This feature will allow users to filter out all currently available to claim campaigns from our partners. This means that community members will be able to sort through the current campaigns to find out which ones they would like to participate in and which ones they would not.
Not only did we debut this new product update but we released a blog that detailed our 4 newest Project Galaxy updates (The Available To Claim Feature included).
On May 24th, we introduced a new product feature update. This feature updated our Galaxy ID page to include a dedicated section with a search tab for NFTs, OATs, and Credentials!
On June 2nd, we introduced a new Discord AMA Bot which rewards AMA attendees.
On June 17th, we introduced a new Discord Member Bot which This bot allows communities to add being a Discord member as a credential or simply reward those for being members already.
And on July 8th, as previously mentioned, we introduced the Available To Claim Feature.
Check out the blog for more details:
NFT Trade OAT Collection
Another set of exciting news came in the form of Project Galaxy’s OAT Collection being verified on NFTTrade!
This means you can now create, buy, sell, swap, farm, and leverage our Galaxy NFT OATs (On-Chain Achievement Tokens) across different blockchains.
July Twitter Competition
This month, we introduced a new edition to our social content: Monthly Twitter Competition! Each month, Project Galaxy will challenge our Twitter followers and each month, someone will be crowned the winner. For July, we have an art challenge which consists of taking our signature brand astronaut and drawing/painting him in your own style! The guidelines for the competition are simple:
-Post all submissions in the Twitter comments below -Submissions are open until 07/31 -The winner will be rewarded a special Galaxy NFT OAT (On-Chain Achievement Token).
New Twitter Banner
Along with giving our dashboard a technological makeover, Project Galaxy’s talented Design Team created a new profile banner for our Twitter Space. This banner includes our signature Astronaut chasing OATs (On-Chain Achievement Tokens) and Credentials through space with his handy dandy butterfly net. This design pays homage to our desire for Web3 exploration in our users, developers, and protocols.
How Project Galaxy Curates Credentials And Utilities
Privacy is important in Web3. The ideology that data should remain secure and individual is the reason why this ecosystem even exists in the first place. Project Galaxy champions this cause and created an infrastructure where data credentials are kept safe. One way we do this is by helping Web3 protocols leverage credential data, in order to build better products and communities — all while rewarding the data curators.
Projects can use this credential data “reward system” in a variety of ways. Rewarding users for interacting on Twitter, Listening to a Discord AMA, OATs, Joining Discord, and NFT Utilities are all ways to utilize data to engage users.
Interested to learn more about how Project Galaxy leverages credentials? Read all about it here:
Case Study Of The Week
Project Galaxy is passionate about results which is why we have dedicated ourselves to pushing out Case Studies for the campaigns we power for ourselves and our partners. This week, we focused on a campaign we ran for ZKLink to celebrate the release of Testnet 2.0. They launched a 5,000,000 Giveaway rewarding the participants of this campaign with a Loyalty NFT.
Space ID .BNB Domain Whitelist Giveaway
SPACE ID is a protocol dedicated to building a universal identifier as well as the .bnb Domain Name Service. On July 14th, they announced a .BNB Domain Whitelist Giveaway which is being powered by none other than Project Galaxy. With this exclusive whitelist, users who hold at least 120 $GAL on Eth or BNB Chain will be eligible to claim a SPACE ID .BNB Whitelist NFT. Be the first to secure a BNB Chain domain identifier to replace the traditional wallet address:
Theirsverse Live NFT Mint
On June 30th, Theirsverse announced that they would launch their first public NFT mint on July 11th with a total of 5,500 NFTs. The mint was divided into three stages: Gold July member, Whitelist, and Public. To expand their marketing efforts, ProjectGalaxy launched the Genesis OAT and supported them by hosting two AMA’s. The social following gained from these efforts was 3-4k. We also built a gated community before the NFT launch by incentivizing users with a Theirsverse Gold Member OAT.
On the day of the NFT Drop (July 11th), Project Galaxy attended an AMA with Theirsverse to talk about the launch of this iconic Collection. Twitter Space Listeners were eligible to receive a Special Galaxy OAT (On-Chain Achievement Token) to celebrate the occasion.
Theirsverse sold out on Binance NFT within 3 minutes and ranked 5th place on Opensea in less than 24 hours!
IconGirl Membership Collaboration
Project Galaxy is proud to support the IconFashion VIP Membership & Referral Program. According to their website, “IconGirl offers an innovative composing and decomposing experience to simulate your very own virtual closet in the metaverse. You can mint, collect, and build your own fashion closet to dress up unique IconGirl outfits.” This particular program allows you to purchase and mint NFTs which then give you access to a variety of different exclusive experiences. These experiences range from community events to car club experiences and even a yacht party!
Exclusive Passes are available on Project Galaxy including the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond passes.
Check out the initial campaign article for more details:
GameFi Asia '22
GameFi Asia ‘22 kicks off this week and it’s no surprise that Project Galaxy attended. In fact, our CMO, Anne Ouellet spoke at the conference! Through the various speaker sessions, users can learn more about how we leverage credentials, champion data privacy, and utilize OATs (On-Chain Achievement Tokens).
Check out the GameFi website for more details:
On July 12th, Project Galaxy’s Community Manager attended the GameFi Asia ‘22 AMA to touch on the importance of on-chain credentials. Project Galaxy aims to be an open and collaborative credential data network that is accessible to all developers in Web3.
Project Galaxy’s infrastructure support curating credentials through multiple data sources:
For on-chain credentials, curators can contribute with subgraph queries or static snapshots.
By contributing to Galaxy’s Credential Data Network, curators are rewarded when credentials are utilized in Galaxy’s Application Modules, Credential Oracle Engine, and Credential API.
For those who attended the AMA, they were eligible to receive an exclusive Galaxy NFT OAT (On-Chain Achievement Token).
SecondLive Outfit Design Competition
Project Galaxy has teamed up with SecondLive, a “Diverse 3D Virtual Space”, to bring you the outfit design competition of your dreams. Project Galaxy created three designs and is having our Discord Members (with an Astronaut Role) vote on the winner! Those who vote for the winning design will receive a special Galaxy NFT OAT (On-Chain Achievement Token).
When voting closes and the winning design is revealed, that outfit will be available in SecondLive to purchase for your avatar!
Thanks for tuning in to our Bi-Weekly Newsletter; we’ll see you in a couple of weeks for our latest edition.
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Galxe Team
Galxe Team @Galxe

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