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Newsletter from Project Galaxy ☰ - Issue #20

Galxe Team
Galxe Team
Welcome back to another exciting issue of Project Galaxy’s Bi-Weekly Newsletter. We ran a ton of campaigns over the last two weeks and even introduced one of our own. Our “Enter The Galaxy” Campaign was a huge success with 40,015 mints and counting! Keep reading to find out how you can join in on this unique Introduction Campaign.

New To The Galaxy: Start Your Adventure Here
This past week, Project Galaxy launched a brand new campaign that would encourage users to interact with our brand by creating a Galaxy ID and following us on Twitter. We realized that as you navigate through the Project Galaxy website, you may get distracted by the various “shiny” buttons which can lead you down a wormhole of overwhelming Web3 information. So, we created this “New To The Galaxy” Guide to quiet all that noise and help you sort through the treasure trove of utilities we have available.
By completing 2 initiation tasks, you have the opportunity to mint a free Galaxy NFT OAT (On-Chain Achievement Token)!
The two tasks are as follows:
  1. Set a username for your Galaxy ID
  2. Follow us on Twitter
Check out the campaign details here:
For brands, protocols, or builders looking to play around with growth hacking Web3 campaigns, our BD Team is ready to get you started! Contact them here:
Welcome to the Galaxy!
2 Million Galaxy ID Users
Last week, Project Galaxy just hit 2 Million Galaxy ID Users! To celebrate this amazing milestone, we have created a special OAT (On-Chain Achievement Token) which you can claim by verifying a social on your Galaxy ID.
Example: Binding your Twitter/Discord to your Galaxy ID
Party with us in style and claim your OAT today!
Check out the campaign page for more details:
Case Study Of The Week
Each week, Project Galaxy is highlighting a campaign we powered that saw amazing results with user engagement and growth hacking. This week, we looked at The Shadowy Super Coder Campaign.
Developers in the Web3 ecosystem are often overlooked. So, in August 2021, we created this specific campaign to reward the hard work of these tech pioneers.
Are you a brand, protocol, or builder looking to start playing around with Web3 campaigns? Do you want to increase your user base and reward loyal community members? Our BD Team is ready to get you started! Contact them here:
International Joke Day
July 1st marked an international holiday; Joke Day! To celebrate, Project Galaxy created a special Galaxy NFT OAT (On-Chain Achievement Token) which users could mint if they liked the tweet and posted their favorite joke in the comments. This campaign was a lot of fun and resulted in a whopping 6,021 participants!
The OAT is now ready to be claimed so check out the campaign link: link isnt ready yet
New Galaxy Discord Bot Guide: SnakeDAO
In our last Bi-Weekly Newsletter, we announced the launch of a new Discord Bot which would allow communities to add being a Discord member as a credential. Our friends at SnakeDAO actually went and wrote a helpful blog on how to utilize this particular product feature as both a user and a project.
For the inside scoop, check it out here!
Research DAO: Ownership Verification
This month, Research DAO wrote an article that highlighted Project Galaxy’s contribution to the important discussion of data ownership. Project Galaxy champions a decentralized ecosystem where you maintain the rights to your own digital information. This is what Research DAO had to say about what we can provide both users and partners:
“For users, this is undoubtedly a good place to hunt airdrops, participate in community activities, and discover new projects. Now there is also a group of user parties dedicated to Galaxy tasks. For projects, Project Galaxy can bring active users, as well as an increase of awareness.”
Interested to read more about what Project Galaxy is doing for the Web3 Space? Check out their insightful article:
Premium Liquidity Pool
On June 27th, Arc Finance provided a premium liquidity pool to Project Galaxy. This meant that users could mint their GAL to rGAL and get higher APY benefits by staking rGAL-USDT or BNB-USDT LP.
According to their Medium Blog, “Arc Finance is a seamless multi-chain LaaS protocol. The innovative swap Liquidity as a Service (LaaS) platform enables seamless asset cross-chain through different chains, implements a defi-portfolio premium mining strategy, and enables tokens to effectively manage high-yield liquidity.”
Polkastarter Podcast: The Future Of NFTs
Project Galaxy is always down to talk about utilities and digital credentials. So when Polkastarter wanted us to join their podcast this month, we didn’t hesitate to jump on board. The podcast episode entitled “The Future Of NFTs” touches on the importance of digital credentials and how Web3 is turning the usage of NFTs upside down. The episode is available on Apple, Spotify, and Google so don’t hesitate to check it out!
Live On Guild
Project Galaxy is excited to announce that we are now live on Guild. Partnering with Guild has allowed us to create a better way to manage Web3 projects and communities across different chains. Check out this breakdown by Guild:
“Project Galaxy issues credentials about your activities and accomplishments to give more context to your digital identity. You can be eligible for rewards after gaining this digital reputation”
“Through the integration of these unique credentials, you are able to create access management in your groups on Discord and Telegram as well, use them as requirements for roles in your community.”
“All it takes is to click on the Galaxy Integration when setting up your role requirements, then select the campaign you want to gate with!”
In simpler terms, this partnership gives you Discord roles based on the credentials & NFTs on your Galaxy ID. Turn your Discord server into a Web3 community now! Contact our BD Team for more info:
BlockCrunch Podcast Appearance
On June 28th, our co-founder Harry Zhangz appeared on The BlockCrunch Podcast to talk about a recent successful campaign that we powered. After a Project Galaxy campaign, HashFlow’s monthly volume sky-rocketed from $20m to $670m in just 3 months. Harry spoke about what Project Galaxy did to increase Hashflow’s volume and how similar protocols can benefit from the growth hacking work we do as a company.
Interested in leveraging credentials for growth campaigns? Feel free to contact our BD Team to get started:
Melos Listening Party
On June 24th, Melos Studio announced that they would be hosting an EDM Listening Party on their Discord Channel. Three talented artists (DXWAVE, GloryOwner, and Kzenbeats) took to the digital stage to share their passion for music and the Web3 space.
Project Galaxy joined in on the fun by offering a special Galaxy NFT OAT (On-Chain Achievement Token) for those who attended. The event was a blast and we can’t wait to see what Melos Studios hosts next.
Melaxy's Gleam Contest
Melaxy reached out to us to help set up another Gleam Contest in June and we were excited to help power this campaign. Melaxy instructed users to finish all the tasks on Gleam which would then give them the chance to get whitelisted to mint Melaxy’s Genesis Pass. This Pass would allow access to upcoming NFT airdrops and priority purchases for all future games released by Melaxy Lab. This contest ends on July 9th so don’t hesitate to join in on the fun today!
Refer to Melaxy’s Campaign for more information.
Yeeha Games AMA
Along with powering multiple campaigns the past few weeks, Project Galaxy also powered an AMA for Yeeha Games on June 28th.
The AMA was held on Discord and those who participated were eligible to win a Midgard Saga NFT along with an exclusive Galaxy NFT OAT (On-Chain Achievement Token).
The AMA was a great time to connect with fellow Web3 enthusiasts and mint one-of-a-kind NFTs in the process.
OpenLeverage AMA
Another fun AMA we powered this month was with OpenLeverage. Hosted on the Project Galaxy Discord, those who attended were eligible to win a free Galaxy NFT OAT(On-Chain Achievement Token) and an exclusive gift for 1st-time users on OpenLeverage. Not only that but five lucky winners were also awarded 1,000 OLE!
BSC News Article
As BSC News has often commented, credentials are an important part of the ever-expanding Web3 ecosystem. Project Galaxy is one of the largest protocols offering these types of unique services in the crypto-verse.
BSC News wrote an entire article about identity credentials being key to how the Web3 space works and how Project Galaxy is revolutionizing the way people think about data.
P12: Genesis Soul-Bound NFT Airdrop
This month, Project Twelve teamed up with Project Galaxy to create a tribute to gamers everywhere. The P12 Genesis Soul-Bound NFT Airdrop Campaign, featuring amazing NFT art, allowed more than 500K+ Steam Gamers and Developers successfully claim NFTs and bind their accounts with wallet addresses over the span of two phases! This was made possible by verifying their off-chain gaming credentials through Project Galaxy’s platform.
Keep an eye out for Project Twelve’s future campaigns because not only is this historic for the Web3 gaming space but for Project Galaxy as well.
Unstoppable Women Of Web3 Initiative
The Unstoppable Women Of Web3 is an initiative formally launched on International Women’s Day of 2022. This education group is diverse, and passionate about teaching and training the next generation of talent.
They have educated over 35K women and given away free Web3 Domains to help them get started. Their war cry is “Web3 For All” and we couldn’t agree more.
When Project Galaxy joined The Unstoppable Women Of Web3, Anne Ouellet, our CMO had this to say:
“It was important for Project Galaxy to join the Unstoppable Women of Web3 initiative because we believe that Web3 should be open to all. Our founders often state that the backbone of Project Galaxy are the women on our team. As of today, 15% of our employees are women, and 2 out of the 3 leadership roles (CMO, BD Lead, and Head of Client Relations) are held by women. We still have long ways to go but we truly believe that we can collectively empower women to join Web3 through education and resources such as the ones provided by Unstoppable Women of Web3.”
Check out awesome testimonials just like Anne’s here:
Thanks for tuning in to our Bi-Weekly Newsletter; we’ll see you in a couple of weeks for our latest edition.
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