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Galxe Team
Galxe Team
Welcome back to another exciting issue of Project Galaxy’s Bi-Weekly Newsletter. For the past few weeks, our Web3 calendars have been booked! Consensus 2022, NFT NYC, and many unique projects had us busy busy busy. Check out what we’ve been up to!

NFT NYC: Boys Club Event
One of the biggest events we had this month was NFT NYC. For those of you who don’t know, NFT NYC is held in The City That Never Sleeps—New York. And this year, Project Galaxy had the opportunity to sponsor a Boys Club event. This event was open to all female and non-binary individuals who were interested in the crypto space. As Boys Club said,
“Our community event is for the boys, and any pals you think would totally be one of the boys - from the crypto curious to crypto evangelist.”
Being able to be a part of this inclusive community is why we love the Web3 space so much.
AlterVerse Partnership
Project Galaxy is always looking for new and exciting ways to explore the nuances of the Web3 space. So when AlterVerse proposed a strategic partnership…we were more than ready to jump right in. AlterVerse is an immersive and completely decentralized metaverse gaming experience built with Unreal Engine 5. One of their biggest in world features right now is Sky City—the soon to be central hub of the AlterVerse.
Sky City holds so many possibilities from buying land, building, shopping, socializing, gathering resources, crafting NFTs, and so much more! So when Project Galaxy was thinking about partnering with this company, we knew that Sky City was the best avenue to share our vision with the world. Project Galaxy is proud to say that construction has already begun on our new space in AlterVerse! Players will be able to discover new projects, explore available rewards, and redeem prizes — all directly from within Sky City.
New Discord Member Bot
This week, Project Galaxy also announced the launch of a new Discord Member Bot! This means you can now add being a Discord member as a credential or simply reward those for being members already.
Reach our BD Team to learn more:
Father’s Day OAT
In honor of Father’s Day on June 19th, Project Galaxy wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the contribution that Fathers have had in each of our lives. Everyone who retweeted our Father’s Day Announcement on Twitter was given the opportunity to mint a special Galaxy NFT OAT (On-Chain Achievement Token) to celebrate the occasion!
UltiVerse: The Genesis NFT Collection
Over the weekend, our friends at UltiVerse sent Project Galaxy an exclusive NFT made just for us! Ultiverse is a gaming company that is “building the bridge between the metaverse and traditional gaming.” They are creating an immersive virtual world built on Unreal Engine 5. This is the future of metaverse technology. The NFT they shared with us is just a small taste of an upcoming project which is currently in Stage 2 of development. Dubbed #ElectricSheep—the Genesis NFT Collection, holders of these NFTs will get access to a variety of utilities on UltiVerse’s social gaming metaverse. We are excited to see the future Stages of this project and can’t wait to experience the power of Web3 through this innovative company.
9 Treasury MultiSigners: The Votes Are In!
On April 13th, the Project Galaxy forum was launched which allowed the community to discuss and make proposals. The creation and objective of the DAO was to give the community the tools and resources to develop the Project Galaxy ecosystem in the long term. In a nutshell, the community holds the power to propose ideas, initiatives, and vote to make them all come to life. On May 5th, Project Galaxy introduced the first Governance Proposal on its community forum. That proposal became famously known as “Community Treasury and Multisig Signers.”
The Treasury Multisigs is a group of 9 members voted in by the community to act in the best interest of the Project Galaxy DAO. This committee will hold 20% of the GAL Token supply and allocate funds to approved community proposals.
Now that the nomination and voting periods are closed, we can now announce that our 9 Treasury Mult-Signers have been chosen.
A big congratulations to everyone who was voted in! With great power comes great responsibility.
Galaxy Night At Consensus 2022
We wanted to give a BIG thank you to everyone who attended Galaxy Night at Consensus hosted by Project Galaxy & friends (@BNBCHAIN, @CyberConnectHQ, @hashflow_, @clv_org, @SpaceIDProtocol, @Somni_life). The event was a great time to network, connect with different Web3 projects, and grab an NFT OAT (On-Chain Achievement Token) in the process. Plus the drinks were great and you can never go wrong with a martini or two. June 11th was a night to remember and we have pictures to forever immortalize the event so make sure to check them out here:
Bitget Demo Day
From June 13th-22nd, Bitget held a fun event where anyone could learn and earn to win a Galaxy NFT OAT (On-Chain Achievement Token) along with a share of $2,500. Their goal was to introduce their community to featured Web3 projects in the NFT/GameFi/DeFi sectors.
BOT Planet a multi-chain DeFi ecosystem with a UX of an NFT-backed Play-and-Earn (P&E) immersive virtual game. BOT Planet is a one-stop-shop of profitable, secure and communication products based on DeFi, GameFi and NFTs.
Karmaverse a GameFi multiverse, containing multiple metaverses such as Karmaverse Zombie, Fantasy World, Old West, Cyberpunk and others. It was created by the team behind two of the top 10 SLG games in mobile gaming history. Karmaverse is working to launch the first large-scale blockchain SLG game with a combination of play-to-earn and play-for-fun in the game world - Karmaverse Zombie.
Solar a decentralized community-driven blockchain project that is focused on creating an ecosystem with true governance where SXP is at the core of everything it does.
Bitget Demo Day was tons of fun and such a collaborative experience for Web3 veterans and novices alike.
On June 14th, Mask Network hosted a Twitter space event that Darren Goh, Project Galaxy’s Community Manager, was a part of! The topic of the event was “Running Naked In Web3? The Broken Promise Of Telegram” which focused on the question: how can we build a more secure infrastructure in this new and exciting Web3 space. The main topic of this discussion was cybersecurity and Project Galaxy was humbled to have been apart of this important conversation.
Even though the event has ended, we encourage you to give it a listen here:
On June 8th, Melos Finance introduced a new NFT Staking Game to their community which incorporated GameFi, Mint, NFT, Staking & Mining, lottery ticket, etc. The final winner had the opportunity to win a super prize from the illustrious gaming pool. But the final winner wasn’t the only one being rewarded! The other participants could earn simply by playing the game.
In honor of this new NFT Staking Game, Melos Finance dropped a special Galaxy NFT OAT (On-Chain Achievement Token) to celebrate. In a matter of six hours, the total prize pool had accumulated to $1,870 with over 10,440 $MELOS Tokens burned. At the end of the campaign, 1,657 Galaxy NFT OATs had been minted.
BNBCHAIN Spotlights Project Galaxy
At the beginning of the month, BNBChain’s Daily News highlighted Project Galaxy as a Web3 company to watch out for! In their Twitter post they said:
“@ProjectGalaxyHQ is helping #Web3 developers leverage digital credential data and #NFTs to build better products and communities”
Expanding on this, the twitter thread then went on to explain Project Galaxy’s mission which is to inspire Web3 exploration and creation from both users and builders.
It was an honor to be BNBCHAINS June Spotlight and we are excited to see who they choose to highlight next!
BitMEX Listing
Another set of big news came in the form of GALUSD and GALUSDT being a new perpetual contact listing on BitMEX. BitMEX went into detail about these listings and said:
“As with all quanto contracts, the GALUSD product has a fixed Bitcoin multiplier, regardless of the GAL/USD price. This allows traders to long or short the GAL/USD exchange rate without ever touching GAL or USD.”
“Traders post margin in XBT, and earn or lose XBT as the GAL/USD rate changes. This quanto risk premium may be one of the factors that results in the GALUSD swap trading at a premium/discount to the GALUSDT spot price. For an explanation of the same concept for ETHUSD, check out this blog post.”
Exciting, right?!
Thanks for tuning in to our Bi-Weekly Newsletter; we’ll see you in a couple of weeks for our latest edition.
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Galxe Team
Galxe Team @Galxe

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