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Galxe Team
Galxe Team
This month has been a complete whirlwind. You won’t want to miss out on everything Project Galaxy has been doing these past few weeks! From $GAL being listed on the app to launching new product features such as the Discord AMA Bot and a Galaxy ID page makeover.

A Brand New Listing
As of May 5th, Project Galaxy has successfully launched our native $GAL token which became available for trading across many of the top global cryptocurrency exchanges. And since our last newsletter, we have a brand new listing.! You can now buy $GAL at true cost with USD, EUR, GBP, and 20+ fiat currencies.
Some of the supported exchanges and protocols where $GAL trading is active for trading as of now include:
The Maverick Collaboration: Adding OATs & NFTs to Metamask
On May 26th, ProjectGalaxy explained how to showcase your NFTs in Metamask. This collaboration with Maverick went into depth on how anyone can import Galaxy OATs (On-chain Achievement Tokens) & NFTs on this handy-dandy cryptocurrency wallet. The simple step-by-step guide allowed those who ordinarily keep their collectibles on Project Galaxy’s website to transfer them to an online wallet that can be easily accessible on the go! You now have the option of showing everyone your most prized possessions directly from your phone!
With a few simple clicks, contract addresses, and IDs you are now good to go! For a deep dive into this tutorial, check out the original blog which was posted on Medium!
Brand New Feature Update
Since our last Bi-Weekly Newsletter, our Dev Team has been working hard! Giving the Project Galaxy ID page a little makeover, they created a dedicated section each with a search tab for NFTs, OATs, and Credentials! The Galaxy ID module is now integrated into the Galaxy NFT module. What does this mean for you? You have easier access to all the OATS/NFTs you love and a cleaner, more user-friendly experience.
BAS Powered By NodeReal: GAL Chain Launch
On June 1st, some big news came in the form of Project Galaxy launching GAL Chain as one of the first BNBChain Application Sidechains (BAS) powered by NodeReal Semita. Through the new GAL Chain, we aim to empower users to curate and contribute digital credentials to our ecosystem. From there, the utilization of those credentials can be made through our application modules, oracle credentials, and API credentials. Essentially, this will allow for more users to interact with the Galaxy ID as they engage in on and off-chain activities.
Providing commentary on what BNB Chain had to say about this new sidechain framework, our Co-Founder, Charles Wayn, said:
“GameFi and other blockchain-based applications show no signs of slowing down and will continue to dominate the space.
However, we will be unable to accomplish this without a secure, scalable, and interoperable infrastructure. BAS was born on the cusp of this revolution to better serve developers and node operators in their efforts to create more high-quality and disruptive blockchain games.” 9th Anniversary Powered By Project Galaxy
This month, celebrated their 9th Anniversary and they didn’t just want to celebrate alone! Collaborating with Project Galaxy, they are offering an exclusive NFT for anyone interested in the cryptocurrency exchange. Participating in this event is simple. All you have to do is complete tasks concerning specific badge levels and submit forms to apply the reward on the merchant’s site. Along with NFT Badges, airdrop rewards worth $20,000 are also in the running. And the good news is that this event is still available! Refer to the information below to join the fun!
DEGO Finance x Project Galaxy Joint OAT event
Another fun event Project Galaxy joined this month was the DEGO Finance Loyalty Edition OAT. Running from May 31st- to June 10th (UTC), this event allows those who complete a set of tasks to claim DEGO’s first Galaxy OAT NFT (On-Chain Achievement Token)—which is kind of a big deal if we do say so ourselves. You still have a day to participate so don’t wait!
  1. Join DEGO Discord
  2. Follow DEGO Twitter & Project Galaxy Twitter
  3. Fill out Gleam
10 Most Popular dApps In May
Not only did Project Galaxy have a brand new listing on this month but we also made it on a very special list: The Top Ten Most Popular dApps in Onto in May!
Onto is a multi-chain identity wallet which means that it is a decentralized wallet made specifically for the Chrome browser. It supports a variety of digital assets and dApps on several blockchains which is why we are so excited to be added to this prestigious list.
Beta Access to Gallery Platform
Some big news for Project Galaxy NFT Holders came in the form of beta access to an exciting new platform: Gallery!
Gallery is a social platform that lets collectors display and share their NFTs. Their goal is to onboard the best communities that are passionate about their On-Chain collections. And although this platform was in a closed beta period, they partnered with Project Galaxy to give our community access. The only stipulations were: you had to be a Meta Cowboy level 5 holder, Dr Sol Campaign holder, or End Of Year Rave holder to mint free membership cards that would then provide access to the closed platform.
Find your Web3 friend in Atem
The more Galaxy OAT NFT (On-Chain Achievement Tokens) we give out the better! And the Atem Campaign powered by Project Galaxy was a fun event that we enjoyed pushing out to our community. Atem Network’s vision is to build a user-owned Web3 social platform. And through that, they aim to allow everyone to create, connect and own their community social graph with NFTs.According to Atem’s website,
“Our short-term goal is to build a user-owned web3 community social platform where users can connect and govern their tokenized communities while chatting and trading with their web3 friends. Our long-term mission is to build community social graph based on NFTs, unlock decentralized identity, and become the go-to one stop solution for the social infrastructure of web3.“

BNB Liveststream: CMO Guest Speaker
On May 30th, ProjectGalaxy’s CMO, Anne Ouellet, was on the BNB Livestream to talk about how the company leverages credentials for the good of Web3. The stream ran for 45 minutes with 11.1k viewers watching from around the world! Diving into what we are aiming to do for the space, Anne talked about Project Galaxy’s credential data and how we use that to help build stronger communities. It was a fun Livestream to be a part of so check it out if you haven’t already.
ImToken: 6 Year Celebration
Another exciting anniversary was celebrated this month! imToken is 6 years old! For this special occasion, they prepared a limited edition NFT which could be grabbed by joining their online party which took place from May 27th to June 3rd. Completing a few tasks would also allow two NFTs, a Fan NFT, and a Partner NFT to be unlocked as well. Everyone had a blast participating and imToken really celebrated this six-year milestone in style.
2048: Special GalaxyGirl NFT HoldersReceive An Airdrop
At the beginning of the month, 2048 Finance had a huge NFT Drop which was open to all in-open beta participants, token holders, and partners who have supported them. Each week, users would be given tasks to complete which would allow them to receive these NFTs. The article which revealed his drop stated that their NFTs would be trade-able on the 2048 Finance marketplace and would be used for in-game purposes. On May 28th, 2048 Finance rewarded those who held TheSpecialGalaxy Girl NFT with an airdop, which was minted back in December.
The Special Galaxy Girl NFT was minted by Project Galaxy in December and as a credential, symbolizes the early adopters of Project Galaxy. This particular NFT is a token of loyalty and a shared passion for the Web3 space.
Thanks for tuning in to our bi-weekly newsletter; we’ll see you in a couple of weeks for our latest edition.
P.S- We are headed to Consensus and NFT NYC so the next issue is going to be filled with lots of fun stuff!
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Galxe Team
Galxe Team @Galxe

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